Refrigeration Unit is an essential component to cold room. Self-contained refrigeration unit models are easy to install and are great for your commercial restaurant, bakery, grocery store, or cafeteria. We are the manufacturer of excellent and high quality range of refrigeration Unit. Our Refrigeration Unit is available in various sizes and specifications which includes both air-cooled and water-cooled. OnlyKem Refrigeration Units have characteristics of energy efficient, low noise, easy maintenance and compact size which give the stable performance for past 20 years.

Whether you need refrigeration units or you just built your very own walk-in cold room, we have the refrigeration equipment you need for your cooler. Choose from indoor refrigeration units or heavy-duty outdoor refrigeration units that can withstand temperature changes and the hazards of inclement weather.

Refrigeration Unit bitzer application

Other Features of Refrigeration Unit Include:

— Sleek designs

— Silver electrodes for welding

— Weather-proof canopy

— UV – and corrosion-resistant

— 2.6Mpa leak-proof stress test

— Anti – corrosion fins

— IP54 grade protection grade axial fan

— Energy-efficient compressors

— Safety and control devices built in

etc …

Standard Refrigeration Unit Specification

—  For Positive Temperature Cold Room :

Standard Refrigeration Unit Specification
refrigeration unit

 —  For Negative Temperature Cold Room :

For Negative Temperature Cold Room
FNV unit

Refrigeration Unit Production

1.Newest CNC production machine to make sure standard and stable quality :

CNC production machine

2.Tight copper tube arrangement and firm welding : using silver electrodes for copper pipe welding, then special workers will test it after production; avoiding false welding to prevent leakage of fluorine in refrigeration unit, in other hands, can promise safety for refrigeration system working.


3. Gas-Tightness Test : 2.6Mpa leak-proof stress test, this testing must be carried out before leaving factory, every unit must pass this test, otherwise cannot send out.

2.6Mpa leak-proof stress test

4. Designed according to different conditions : depend on using environment (restaurant, hotel, farm or near by sea ), ambient temperature adjustment (+55~-30℃), we can do pure OEM design that based on your request.

Bitzer condenser unit

5. Refrigeration Units Configuration

Optional components – available on request :

  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser
  3. AxialFan
  4. Filter Drier
  5. Vibration Absorber
  6. Solenoid Valve
  7. Oil Separator
  8. Electrical Junction Box
  9. Liquid Receiver
  10. Sight Glass
  11. High / Low Pressure Gauges
  12. High / Low Pressure Switch
  13. Suction Accumulator

Solenoid valve, suction accumulator or oil separator are the standard configuration for ONLYKEM brand refrigeration units.

The capacity of the refrigeration units should be based on a thorough heat load calculation for each individual project. Refrigeration load can vary widely for stores of the same capacity depending on design, local conditions, products mix, etc. Today with a more thorough knowledge of practical cold store operation, combined with theoretical knowledge, the safety margin can be reduced to a more realistic level. Welcome your inquiry for refrigeration unit design, OnlyKem will be your reliable condensing unit designer.