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Onlykem Factory is the professional workshop manufacturing unit cooler, air cooled condenser, cold room door or PU panels. As the professional condensing unit, unit cooler and air cooled condenser  manufacturer and supplier, Onlykem has its own 8,000 square meters state of art manufacturing factory. Depending on the supply chain and the manufacturing competitive advantages, some factories are wholly-owned subsidiary and some are our joint ventures. They are located in different cities and integrated with each other to form the whole cold room solution with high quality and competitive cost products. In recent years, we had invested more than 1,000,000 dollars into our modern manufacturing factory to improve the basic production facilities , working conditions, employee salary and welfare, technical and teamwork training, etc.

Welcome to visit our cold room factory.

condensing unit workshop for cold room of condensing unit workshop for cold room of onlykem technology
unit cooler workshop in onlykem factory
unit cooler workshop for cold room in onlykem factory
condensing unit in onlykem factory
air cooled condenser factory for cold room
air cooled condenser workshop for cold room in onlykem factory