Bitzer compressor condensing unit is optimized designed and manufactured to reduce installation and maintenance costs,  more efficient while making your production even more efficient and less noise impact for neighborhood. And it has wide applicability, such as flexible refrigerant selection, suitable for various temperatures…….

14HP Bitzer condensing unit

BITZER compressors are further divided into BITZEL Semi-hermetic screw compressors and BITZER piston compressors (BITZER semi-hermetic piston compressors).

Bitzer compressor condensing unit

Bitzer compressors have high versatility, It has been widely used in industrial refrigeration, frozen retail and food processing , and transportation industry for several decades, It is a leader in the refrigeration, transportation and air conditioning industry.

bitzer compressor condensing unit

Bitzer compressor condensing unit is suitable for a whole host of refrigerants. Bitzer compressors boast an efficient suction gas–cooled motor, high-quality valve plates, wear-resistant drive gears and adjustable capacity control. It is the best compressor in the world. Not only that, Bitzer piston compressors are also suitable for a variety of natural and synthetic refrigerants, According to the traditional definition of refrigeration, Bitzer semi-hermetic piston compressors cover the entire range of applications for fluorine-free refrigerants and natural refrigerants,such as R22,R134A,R404,R407….

This series of products has a durable valve group design, high-quality wear-resistant bearing parts, easy maintenance, speed control, smooth operation and other characteristics. In addition,Bitzer piston compressor is also equipped with an efficient suction cooling motor. Octagonal machine series has a very compact design with more stable operating characteristics. For example, the 4J-13.2 model compressor uses an internal oil return system, After years of application, the system has been proven to be highly efficient and reliable. R22 refrigerant is used in cryogenic refrigeration, Bitzer semi-hermetic compressors can provide Varicool suction superheat control, electronic spray cooling or two-stage compressors. Compressor motor rated power from 0.37Kw to 74Kw.

Bitzer piston compressor advantages:

1 .The applicable pressure range is wide. The piston compressor can be designed as low pressure, medium pressure, high pressure and ultra high pressure. At the same speed, when the exhaust pressure fluctuates, the displacement of the piston compressor remains basically unchanged.

2.Bitzer compression efficiency is higher, piston compressor compressor compressed gas process is a closed system, its high compression efficiency.

  1. 3.strong adaptability, a wide range of piston compressor displacement, and gas density has little effect on the performance of the compressor
Folding semi-closed compact screw compressor condensing unit
Bitzer piston compressor condensing unit

Bitzer compressor condensing unit:

 High stability, few accessories, no wearing accessories, so it is stable, long life

  1. Easy operation and maintenance, high degree of automation, operators do not need professional training
  2. Adaptable, with the characteristics of forced gas transmission, volume flow is almost unaffected by the discharge pressure, can maintain high efficiency in a wide range of operating conditions, in the case of the compressor structure without any changes, apply to various conditions.

Semi-hermetic Bitzer screw compressors:

BITZER’s semi-hermetic HS screw compressors feature a built-in suction gas-cooled motor integrated into the refrigerant circuit. For many years, they’ve proven to be a robust and efficient market solution – on their own and in parallel operation with several compressors and a shared oil separator. Because they’re compatible with a variety of refrigerants and boast a wide range of capacities and applications, these compressors are the first choice for large-scale commercial and industrial applications. They’re used when larger refrigerating capacities are required, for instance in blast freezers for the food industry as well as in refrigerator and freezer distribution warehouses

Bitzer screw compressors condensing unit have many technical advantages:

▶Large cooling capacity and high energy efficiency can be operated with economizer

▶Built-in energy conditioner allows the compressor to be regulated for 100% – 75% – 50% cooling capacity

▶From the HSK85 model, 100% – 25% of graded or stepless energy adjustment can be performed on the compressor

▶From HSN85 model, the compressor can be 100% – 50% of the energy level or stepless adjustment

▶Suitable for various refrigerants

▶Up to 6 compressors can be connected in parallel

▶Compressor exhaust capacity is divided into 11 levels, so is the cooling capacity. Using parallel systems can bring additional benefits to customers:

1)High reliability of the system, the compressors are spared

2)Stepless regulation of cold capacity

3)The compressor is always working at full load and the system has high partial load efficiency

4)The compressor system is compact and easy to maintain and repair.

V condensing unit
Bitzer screw compressors condensing unit

Wide range of applications:

High temperature, medium temperature and low temperature applications; R22, R404a, R507a, R134a, R407a refrigerants can be used for the same type of compressor;

Compressor equipped with electronic protection module, using PTC sensor to monitor the motor temperature; C1 to C4 are all made of high quality wear parts, octagonal design, so that the compressor with minimal space requirements;

The oil system uses splash lubrication, which ensures good compressor oil supply even under extreme operating conditions.

Options: Crankcase heater, oil pressure switch, energy adjustment and unloading starter, additional cylinder top fan, water cooled cylinder head, R22 low temperature CIC spray device and special oil tank for ships.