Bitzer Compressor Condensing Unit is the most important part in whole refrigeration system, called outside condensing unit, it includes Bitzer semi – hermetic compressor (Germany brand), crankcase heater, vibration absorber, oil separator, air cooled condenser, axial fan, liquid receiver, high and low pressure switch, high pressure gauge, low pressure gauge, sight glass, solenoid valve, dry filter, suction accumulator and electrical junction box.

With growth in the living standard, people pursue the better taste and healthy, so keep the food in fresh is more important than before.

In the fridge, fruit, vegetables, dairy products and meat require constant temperatures of between 0 and 7°C. This is the only way to prevent a shorter shelf life and their flavour from deteriorating. BITZER compressors maintain these optimal, constantly safe cooling conditions.

Our project in Qatar of Bitzer Compressor Condensing Unit is designed for fresh foods, such as fruits and vegetable, because they don’t produce them, must import from other countries, so store them well is extreme important. They come to find us to give them a complete solution for whole refrigeration system.

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Considering customer’s environment situation, for this project, we choose Bitzer compressor.

The reason is as following:

For more than 80 years, the BITZER name has represented the highest quality, efficiency and reliability. BITZER is the only company to produce all three primary types of compressor: reciprocating, screw and scroll. And with its environmentally friendly solutions and innovative electronic products, BITZER is driving the refrigeration and air-conditioning industry around the world.

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The advantage of our Bitzer Compressor Condensing Unit:


  1. High efficiency.

1.1 Highly efficient ECOLINE Bitzer semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors

1.2 Famous high quality axial fans for energy-saving and low noise operation

1.3 Condenser heat exchanger for high heat transfer rates and small refrigerant charge

  1. Extensive application

2.1 Well operation in high outside temperatures (> 43 °C), especially in Middle East area, its condensing unit can reach +60 °C.

2.2 They can work as tandem compressor units, suit large cooling capacity need.

2.3 medium and low temperature application, fresh fruit, fresh vegetable, frozen meat, frozen fish, frozen chicken, etc

  1. Humanization design

3.1 Robust design and compact dimensions, it can be used in small area.

A. Service-friendly thanks to easy access to system components

B. Reduced noise level thanks to sound-optimised airflow

  1. Complete safety protection

4.1 Weather protective housing, it can be used in terrible environment.

4.2 Start unloading for complete unit, impact of the power grid start, reduce power distribution costs.

4.3 Capacity control at the compressor (CRII), make sure all condensing unit operate well.

Specification of Qatar fresh fruits cold storage protect

Evaporating temp: -10℃

Condensing temp: +55℃

Ambient temp:+45℃

Cooling capacity: 50Kw/PC.

Power: 415V/3PH/50HZ

Compressor: Bitzer semi hermetic reciprocating compressor.

Air cooled condensing unit has two types.

  1. Open type condensing unit.
condensing unit for cold room

Bitzer Compressor Condensing Unit Advantage Performance

  • intergrated modular assembly, factory pre-equipped refrigeration parts and electrical components, etc.
  • Compacted structure, easy to install and maintain.
  • Widely used in restaurants, shops, shopping malls, cold storage and other place.
  • Whole unit needs to install in a shell for accessories protection, in shadow, protect from direct sunshine and rain.
  1. Box vertical type condensing unit.
refrigeration condensing unit

Advantage performance:

  • Interprated modular assembly, factory pre-equipped refrigeration parts and electrical components, etc.
  • Streamlined housing design, meet the aesthetic design of human nature, for a variety of workplace.
  • Security, housing protects the internal electronic components, while preventing external damage.
  • Hihg heat dissipation, cover a large area of windows to fully ensure the dissemination of the heat.
  • Widely used in restaurants, shops, shopping malls, cold storage and other place.

For this project, we choose option 1, consider so high ambient temperature, heat exchange transfer easily and smooth, improve the refrigeration system efficiency!

Performance of Fresh fruits cold storage project in Qatar

  1. Customers use this cold room project to store fruit and vegetable, in consideration of high ambient temperature in Qatar, beside with high efficiency compressor, we enlarge the air cooled heat exchange area to fullyensure the dissemination of the heat.
  2. Beside the well performance of Bitzer compressor condensing unit, suitable evaporator, OnlyKem evaporator, with high heat transfer rates, axial fan with energy-saving and low noise operation. IP65 water proof grade.
  3. Security: Housing protects the internal electronic components, while preventing external damage.
  4. High anti- corrosion performance, OnlyKem have done special processing for whole refrigeration system surface, long work life.

For fresh fruit cold room project in Qatar, during whole building processing, our engineers support customers the technical guidance via video or pictures, convenient and fast building, customers are satisfied with our products quality and service!

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Cold Room Condensing Unit