Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit is the kind of monoblock refrigeration unit which is widely used in hospital. The hospital cold storage is mainly used for refrigerating and storing various kinds of medical products that can not be guaranteed under normal temperature conditions. Under low temperature condition for cold storage, the medicines are not deteriorated, and the shelf life of the medicines is prolonged. The choice of refrigeration equipment for hospital cold storage projects is very important for the entire project and needs to be strictly checked. Also, because of limited space in hospital, the dimension of hospital cold storage room is not large, so normally choose ceiling type monoblock unit for hospital cold storage projects.

Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit for Hospital

Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit of Technical Specifications

  1. It has hermetic compressor and air cooled condenser
  2. Device is compact type and delivered as all control equipment assembled
  3. It has hot gas defrost system
  4. It is delivered with R404 refrigerant charged
  5. It has electrostatic painted galvanized steel cabinet

Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit Advantages

  1. Production in compliance with world standards
  2. Highly efficient cooling
  3. Low noise level outdoor unit compared to equivalents
  4. High quality and reliable equipment
  5. Compliance with various mounting options
  6. Cabin ensures to ease of maintenance
  7. Wide product range
  8. Manufacturing with accordance to HACCP standards
  9. Reduced number of defrosts and increased defrost intervals for energy saving
  10. Longer cooling periods without defrost for saving in overall plant operating costs
  11. First investment expenses are lower than other options

Equipment in Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit (It can differ according to monoblock unit model)

Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit
  1.  Phase protection relay(High/Low)
  2. Thermal / Magnetic circuit breaker
  3. Contactor (in three-phase models)
  4. Copper tube aluminium fin condenser
  5. Liquid receiver(Only in CMV/FMV models)
  6. Dryer
  7. Sight glass
  8. Defrost solenoid valve
  9. Service / Maintenance valve (on the liquid line)
  10. Pressure switch (Low / High)
  11. Gas charge valve
  12. Fan speed controller

Installation Steps for Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit

Monoblock unit for New Singapore
  1. Drill a hole with the specified dimensions as indicated onthe ceiling of the hospital cold storage room
  2. From the outside, place the unit inside the hospital coldstorage room
  3. Fix unit to the ceiling
  4. Seal the panel-cutting perimeter

Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit Maintenance

Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit for cold room

In order to ensure the ceiling type monoblock unit correctly running all the time, you need to clean the condenser periodically (the frequency of the cleaning depends mainly on the environment where the unit is installed.

You need to switch off the unit before carrying out the operation. It is better to use an air blast toward the inside from the outside. If this is not at all possible, then using a long-bristled brush, brushing needs to be done from the outside of the condenser.

Transport of Ceiling Type Monoblock Unit

The ceiling type monoblock refrigeration unit needs to be handled with care to prevent any sort of damage caused in the transit, adhering to the following instructions:

  1. Until 6 hours have elapsed after the transit, do not start up the unit
  2. Protecting against knocks and water, the unit should be handled and transported in vertical position
  3. Never stack more than 2 units in the warehouse
  4. Never stack the units during the transit
  5. Suitable machinery need to be used for moving the unit
  6. The packaging or the pallet should not be removed till the machine reaches its final location
Monoblock unit package

For roof mounted installation in small and medium sized hospital cold storage rooms.Rapid mounting on the roof of the cold room.Ceiling assembly leaves the space inside the hospital cold room completely free. The white colour of the evaporator blends unobtrusively with the hospital cold room walls. Extremely fast to assemble, reducing installation time and cost. Best surface-to-capacity ratio.Remote electronic command station with easy-to-use user interface programmable according to various system.

The ceiling type monoblock unit is supplied ready for connection and is simply pushed into a prepared opening in the cell ceiling. The installation depth of the air cooler parts is 100 mm for standard coolers and 120 mm for extra-low temperature coolers. The unit is controlled using a remote control designed for variable installation.

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