Walk in Cooler Refrigeration Unit is the main part of cooling system. It has several main components such as compressor, condenser, liquid receiver, dry filter, sight glass, solenoid valve, suction accumulator, pressure gauge, pressure controller, vibration absorber, oil separator etc.  We have exported a lot of different types walk in cooler refrigeration unit to USA. Clients all give us very good feedback.

As we know, based on different side, refrigeration unit can be divided into several different types.

Depending on the type of cooling medium, refrigeration units can be grouped into four categories, the functions of which are as follows:

(1) Water cooled type. This type of condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is carried away by the cooling water. The cooling water can be used once or recycled.

(2) Air cooled (also known as air-cooled). This type of condenser, the heat released by the refrigerant is carried away by the air. The air can be natural convection, or it can be forced to flow using a fan.

(3) Water air cooling type. This type of condenser, the refrigerant is simultaneously cooled by water and air, but mainly relies on the evaporation of cooling water on the surface of the heat transfer tube, and a large amount of heat is taken from the refrigerant side as water. The latent heat of vaporization, the role of air is mainly to accelerate the evaporation of water and take away water vapor.

Following is two pictures of water cooled refrigeration unit with Bitzer compressor.

cooler condensing unit
water cooled refrigeration unit in USA

Walk in cooler refrigeration unit is very popular because it is easy for installation and maintain. Various condensing unit shape like box-type, open, side discharge. As the professional refrigeration unit supplier, Onlykem can give customer the most appropriate recommendations according to customer requirements.

Air cooled walk in refrigeration unit type Advantage
Open type condensing unit Moderate cost, easy to maintain.
V-box condensing unit Beautiful, conducive to the condenser cooling.
U-box condensing unit Compact structure, three sides into the wind,good effect of heat transfer
Side discharge condensing unit Easy hanging installation, save space
refrigeration unit for cooler room
inside condensing unit

Rack unit is also an important type of walk in cooler refrigeration unit. It can be water cooled, air cooled or water-air cooling type. Parallel condensing unit is made of several sets of screw compressor or several sets of piston compressor by parallel, sharing one HP/LP system. It is a kind of highly intelligent cooling units, which can use many kinds refrigerant such as R22, R404a, R507A etc, the evaporating temperature can reach  -10 degree to -50 degree. Parallel condensing units is widely used for fields of food operating,fast frozen, medicine, chemical and military research etc.

Last month we send a 3-20HP rack unit refrigeration system to one of our American client. The temperature of apple is often very high when just move into cold storage, but after the temperature cooling down, it will need not too much cooling capacity to keep its temperature. According to this requirement, client and our engineer both think rack unit is best choice. Because the rack unit can be adjusted intelligently and have long work life and save energy. Following are the pictures for your reference.

Rack unit for cold room project

Refrigeration compressor is the most important equipment in refrigeration units and is often referred to as the main unit in refrigeration unit. The increase of the refrigerant vapor from the low pressure to the high pressure and the continuous flow and delivery of the vapor are all done by the operation of the refrigeration compressor.

In other words, the role of the refrigeration compressor is:

1) The refrigerant vapor is taken from the evaporator to ensure a certain evaporation pressure in the evaporator.

2) Increase the pressure and compress the low-pressure low-temperature refrigerant vapor into a high-pressure high-temperature superheated vapor to create a condition for condensation at a higher temperature (such as a temperature of about 35 ° C in summer).

3) Transport and push the refrigerant to flow through the system to complete the refrigeration cycle.

OnlyKem walk in cooler refrigeration unit in USA only use original compressor. Various types of compressors give customers more choices. According to the actual situation to choose the most cost-effective solution for customer, Bitzer compressor has two stage compressor, semi-hermetic piston compressor, screw compressor etc. Copeland compressor has full-seal scroll compressor etc. Bitzer two stage compressor suitable for ultra-low temperature freezing, and compared to other brand compressor: the same power large amount of cold, fast cooling. Bitzer compressor has high quality, large cooling capacity, stable performance. Copeland scroll compressor has moderate cost, low noise, small size, small machine loss.

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