Indoor air cooled evaporator is an important part in the refrigeration system. Indoor air cooled evaporator transfers the heat from the substance to be cooled to the refrigerant, thus removing the heat from the substance. Indoor air cooled evaporator is widely used for diverse applications in refrigeration processes and available in wide variety of shapes, sizes and designs. The indoor air cooled evaporator is classified in different manner depending on the feeding refrigerant, construction of the evaporator, direction of air circulation around the evaporator, application and also the refrigerant control.

Indoor Air Cooled Evaporator for Cold Room in Peru

OnlyKem brand indoor air cooled evaporator is made of a heavy-gauge, smooth finished aluminum cabinet or galvanized steel with a copper coils, aluminum plate fin foils and permanently lubricated ball bearing fan motors with inherent thermal protection. Our indoor air cooled evaporator ranges from low velocity to low profile to heavy-duty cooler and freezer models, in air, electric or hot gas defrost configurations which can provide efficient cooling for convenience stores, supermarkets, beverage storage, restaurants, refrigerated warehouses, industrial and pharmaceutical applications.

Air Cooled Evaporator for Cold Room in Peru

Features of indoor air cooled evaporator for cold room

  • Hydrophilic aluminum foil surface of fins. Better anti-corrosion performance than regular material.
  • The fins appearance is wavy. Form air flow, speed air flow. There will have better heat exchange effect.
  • In order to ensure anti-corrosion performance, the screw all use stainless steel. Not only more suitable indoor air cooled evaporator using environment, but also have longer service time.
  • Indoor air cooled evaporator package is plywood box and wooden pallet. During the long distance ocean transportation, it can protect machine from damage.
  • All indoor air cooled evaporator have CE quality certification.
  • Copper pipe welding use silver electrode. More firmly for welding point, good leakage proof.
  • In order to prevent the air into the copper pipe to be oxidized, we use dry nitrogen to holding pressure. That will detect if there have leakage of welding.
  • 6 Mpa pressure leak test. There is adequate stress testing to ensure using.
  • Use 15.88mm diameter copper pipe, large liquid flow to ensure better cooling effect.
  • Under low temperature environment, we use tunnel motor. That kind of indoor air cooled evaporator can support wide range, with larger air volume. Cooling effect is better.
  • When the indoor air cooled evaporator be used for fish or seafood cold room, we will will stainless steel power painting. This kind of material have best anti-corrosion. And it’s more beautiful.
  • The cooling effect is related to the total length of the cooper pipe, and the sufficient number of pipes can ensure enough cooling capacity.
  • OnlyKem brand indoor air cooled evaporator have many choices for defrosting. Such as water defrosting, electric defrosting, hot gas defrosting. According to the local electricity or water resources to choose the suitable way of defrosting.
  • According to different temperature to choose different fin space. It can shorten defrosting time, improve the efficiency and service life of the product.
Indoor Air Cooled Evaporator for Cold Rooms in Peru

Details and advantage of indoor air cooled evaporator for cold room

  • OnlyKem brand indoor air cooled evaporator is fabricated by galvanized sheet spray process. It has good corrosion resistance, longer service lift and beautiful appearance.
  • Indoor air cooled evaporator is made if  thread copper tube which has higher heat transfer efficiency.
  • Hydrophilic aluminum foil surface. Not only have higher heat transfer efficiency, but also have better defrost effect.
  • Don’t worry about safety of defrosting. Indoor air cooled evaporator is equipped with defrost protection, high safety factor.
  • Specific moisture proof motor has low temperature, low failure rate which can save your maintenance cost.
  • Independent duct design can reduce the interference between the fans. Liquid-filled liquid supply, fully evaporation, high evaporation efficiency.
  • Electric heating pipe is Italy brand with high efficiency and long service life.
  • 100% heat transfer area, fully reliable.
  • The fans can be removable which is easy for maintenance.
  • The fan of indoor air cooled evaporator has low noise.
  • The outlet of water tray uses copper pipe interface, long service life.
  • The side of evaporator can open as small door, easy for maintenance.
Indoor Air Cooled Evaporator for Cold Room in Peru

Specifications ofIndoor air cooled evaporator for cold room in Peru

Blast freezer Size: 12 m x 2.3 m x 2.68 m Cargo name: Beef
Cargo weight: 6 tons Freeze time: 12 hours
Input Temp: +28℃ Output Temp: -20℃ (Core)
Ambient Temp: +38℃ Refrigerant: R404a
Evaporator: DJ-260

Evaporator DJ-260 with 6 fans, fan voltage is 440 v/3 single phase/60 Hz, electric defrosting, defrosting heater voltage is 220 v/single phase/60 Hz. SS 304 case and SS 304 fan, all screws are stainless steel 304 material.

Indoor Air Cooled Evaporator in Peru

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